All Humankind Matters

Today I was going to focus on food. Today my focus is actually on human kind. I woke up dazed from the tragedies that have struck in the last few days. Fear is crippling the world, when love and peace should be what we all embody.

The first thing I did today was turn to what calms me the most, my Bible.  When I am fearful I give it all to God. That is my spiritual “Happy Medium”. Two words popped out right away… “Love thy Neighbor”. Never did it say judge by character, looks, money, color, etc. It said “LOVE THY NEIGHBOR”. In tragedy we need to practice this more, and not fuel hate with hate.

These words are brought on by these faces, and this post on Instagram:


When tragedy strikes, because of hate, I look at these smiling faces. These faces have been taught love and compassion. They have never been taught to hate, period. Hate is a bad word in our house. They have never been taught to look at someone and turn their heads, because of how they look. Only thing I have taught is to “love thy neighbor,” and if someone’s character is bringing them down, they walk away. They are not taught to hate or retaliate. They are taught to fight for the underdog, and have compassion for those who need love when their world is surrounded by hate. I pray for the world that surrounds them, humanity at its weakest, and unity for all.” #prayforhumanity #trustingod #prayingforpeace #lovemykids #loveallpeople

Let’s come together as one whole. Let’s stop the division, regardless of why the division is happening. The Beatles had it right when they sang, “All You Need is Love”.

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