A Week at a Glance

Cutting out what you are used to eating daily,  and going the Whole 30 route has been an adventure. It’s only been 1 week, and in these 7 short days there have been plenty of ups and downs to get me to want to uncork that bottle of wine in the fridge , while saying “Peace out Whole 30 suckas!”

The Ups:

I have more energy, and without feasting on B12 to get me through the day.

I have the motivation to be active, and downloaded PokemonGo to get me out and walking (don’t judge, you know you are playing it too)

I am eating some of the yummiest foods I have ever cooked on my own.

image1 (3)

Whole 30 bacon is the best bacon I have ever eaten. Without Whole 30 I would have never even thought to try it.

I can make my own mayo, and applesauce. (Don’t worry, they are used separately)

The best of all is that clothes I wore during my “food baby” stage are fitting better. This is in only 7 days. Either clean eating REALLY does a body good, or I was REALLY eating so horribly that I put my body into shock. (I am guessing all of the above).

The Downs:

I miss wine. After the events that happened in Dallas and the loss of my grandma, all I wanted to do was drink away those sorrows. I prevailed and turned to my saving grace of prayer and LaCroix sparkling water.

Sugar hangover is real and it hit me like a mac truck.

Going to the movies, and not eating buttery popcorn felt like the Devil taunting me.

Training my brain that I don’t need to raid the pantry at 9pm every night is still ongoing. I should probably stop watching my favorite cooking shows then as well. I guess I like a challenge.


I have never felt this great in my life on any other eating plan. I know it’s only going to get harder, as I will be traveling this week to California. My comfort of home will be gone, and I will have to get out of my hermit shell. I know being out in the real world is going to have to happen, and this test will truly help me for the future!

FRIENDS quote of the week:

“Brussels sprouts? That’s worse than no food!” Ross in TOW the Late Thanksgiving

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