Unruly Evil

The tongue is used for many reasons. We use it to taste, forming different sounds as we speak, and sometimes we use it to stick it out to make a point. My favorite use of my tongue is usually the taste part.

Before bed last night I felt the need to read my Bible. Right now I am on the book of James. After a long day of traveling, and fretting over how I was going to keep to Whole30 rules (there may have been a mini-tantrum over this) I really wanted to ignore the feeling, and just go to bed. God of course comes first, so I happily obliged. 

James 3 is mainly about how we use our tongue verbally. We use it to build up our Lord above, and to tear down those who do us wrong (James 3:9).

The verse I couldn’t help but go back to was James 3:8, ” But no man can tame the tongue. It is an unruly evil, full of deadly poison.” 

All over social media this deadly poison is spewed to bring people down. I have seen the most vile things said to others, and they don’t even know the person they are talking about. Lately this poison has been used to bring down other races, stereotyping, body shaming, and just all around judging. 

I am in no way perfect. I too suffer from passing all judgement on those I don’t know.  If we feel guilty about doing it, then how do we change?

My goal is to be aware:

  1. Be aware of my thoughts.
  2. Be aware if what I am saying is helpful, or hurtful.
  3. Be aware if I would say these things to this person, and feel good about it. 
  4. Be aware of how the other person would feel knowing I am judging them. 
  5. Be aware of the shoes they are walking in are different than the shoes I am walking in.

Our goal everyday should not only be to praise God in ALL things, but to also build up everyone we come in contact with. Remember, God is your Father, and the Father of those you gossip about. God wants good things for ALL his children! 

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